Zimbabwe Essentials: A Playlist Of Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Following what felt like a year that would never end, it’s surreal to think that we are now in the second half of 2021. With so many new releases during the first half of the year, it can be difficult to keep pace.  

Greedysouth rounded up 30 something projects, compiling them into fire Apple Music and Spotify playlist for the inaugural installment of "Best New Tracks." Check out standout selections and add the playlist in it's entirety below

Zarae - WYD (What You Do)

Zarae, is part of the next generation of artists coming out of Bulawayo. Her sound is pretty straightforward with hypnotizing acoustic-guitar strums. Wyd (What you do) is her debut single. She cites covid pandemic and a new job as the reasons why we haven't heard more music from her yet.

Voltz JT - These Days

Voltz, rose to popularity through Jecha Trap movement, a new Zim Hip-Hop scene on the rise, where practitioners are riding new sounds like drill and trap. His track, “These days” is a reflection of the sort of drill style that’s made him a favorite in the local hip hop scene and for those closely following the Zimbabwe’s rap output.


R.Peels - Ndochii featuring Bev City

R.Peels, seems to have made a name for himself mostly through beefing with other rappers in his city. With the release of Ndochii featuring Bev City, It seems the music is now starting to overshadow the antics. The track is something fresh out of Chitungwiza, an original style complete with an unexpected amapiano vibe to this Papa Joze flip.

Egoli - Crooger

Egoli is the African name for Johannesburg, a city historically known for it's wealth and gold. A lot of people from Zimbabwe have migrated to the city in search of a piece of that pie. Crooger invites you on a gold rush trip to Egoli, asking for guidance and mother's prayers in what is otherwise a perfect anthem for hustling. 

Add the playlist in it's entirety below

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