Enzo Ishall Says Goodbye: "They wanted Enzo Ishall, I gave them Enzo Ishall... But Kudzanai is suffering"

Enzo Ishall as photographed by FWA photography

When Enzo Ishall announced his latest single "Ehee" and labelled it "Dancehall Gospel", it felt like simply another chapter in the artist's journey, another leg of artistic exploration that would see fans and the music industry get blessed with more hits from the "Stallion". Since dropping the hit song "Kanjiva" in 2018 Enzo won the hearts of many Zimbabweans. Through private and public issues, he kept giving us hits even though we didn't know much about Kudzanai Steph Mamhare.

The day "Ehee" was released, Enzo published a heartfelt letter on his social media that signaled, it was indeed goodbye. Yet the way he signed it off left us with a little bit of hope that he left the door open for a future return to the craft:

Evidently, today is a day of mixed feelings, remembering the past & looking forward to the future & what it has to bring. I hope you understand that l have to pursue my next chapter in life, just as each & every one of you should. Every time l got into the studio or on stage to perform, l gave my all and also being able to win many awards was both a privilege & an honour for me. I want to thank you Zimbabwe & my fans who gave me their love & supported me through everything, l can't thank you enough. To the critics for making me a stronger person, because in difficult moments, I have learnt to remain positive and to keep working hard. Special mention to Mangoma Depot... Levels, Ribhe NaFantan for giving me chance & making Enzo Ishall.
In the end we can all look back & realise that we achieved great things, not all that we wanted, but still, we wrote a pretty beautiful story & made history together.
God Is In Control
Until Next Time 
Enzo Ishall (Kudzanai Stephen Mamhare)
Signing out


After reading the letter, I started looking at everything at a different contrast. I remembered a post by Enzo, talking about the best lyrics he ever sang in his short but impactful career and I suddenly thought to myself, I should have read the signs of an impending goodbye. "Ehee" is quite the poignant song, considering the typical sound that Enzo usually produce but for a temporary goodbye, it felt right. I thought to myself that many artists have taken a timeout, retired for a while and eventually came back but I didn't grasp even an inch of what Enzo was going through.

Enzo's interview with KVG has put everything in new light that leaves one with sadness. In recent times, the world often comes face to face with the realisation that, we don't actually know public figures or what they're going through. From the loss of Chadwick "The Black Panther" Boseman, to Soul "Souljah Luv" Musaka much closer to home, their biggest struggles were revealed to the public after death. So, it's quite the realisation of how heavy the load weighing on Enzo's chest is, to openly put it out there.

In near tears he told StarFM radio personality KVG, "I have lost so much to this industry..." I can only imagine the hurt of having your dream bring you pain. The essence of Enzo's conversation with KVG is something that cannot be summarised. It just has to be watched in full to be appreciated. We are living in difficult times, considering everything Enzo is going through, I hope the fans continue extending their kindness to him. We hope he finds his healing.

They wanted Enzo Ishall, I gave them Enzo Ishall... But Kudzanai is suffering.

Checkout Enzo Ishall's interview with KVG below:

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