Jason Le Roux Gives Us His Latest Offering "Watoto"

DJ, Entrepreneur and Media Personality Jason Le Roux is here with his latest offering, a track titled "Watoto." The song released a week ago is a dance song that features influences from both African and Electro House. It balances the various influences perfectly in sound within it's mellow tempo and vocals that sound like a ceremonial chant. Although still good the sound is a much different make up of music from his hits like "Farah" which was featured on Nba campaign not long back. 

Watoto means children in Swahili and from the sound of the vocals the song itself embraces the language. The track's release was accompanied by a quirky Instagram post many found hilarious:

Jason Le Roux boasts of almost 20 years in the industry. He has not only excelled in music but in entreprise as he co-founded Media & Entertainment Company Hidden Culture which was responsible for Zimbabwe’s first and most popular Dance Music on demand Radio Show on ZiFM Stereo (Now discontinued) and the nation’s’ biggest Dance Music Festival so far, "Neverland." Of course the artist has done much more as he has performed to thousands across the continent at different festivals.

Checkout the single "Watoto" below:


Sources: Enthuse
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