Killer T Releases Inzwai Kuchemawo Mambo Album: Here Is The Artwork, Tracklist And Everything Else We Know

New album from Zim-dancehall Chairman, Killer T, real name Kelvin Kusikwenyu titled Inzwai Kuchemawo Mambo has finally arrived on all streaming platforms, after its initial announcement on the 26th of June. 

As the title suggest, Inzwai Kuchemawo Mambo carries the "victim mentality" theme synonymous with his music, that is: complaining about being poor, the rising cost of living and myriads of social issues affecting youths in the ghettos across the nation.

The tracklist consists of 17 songs, and includes production from big household names in Zim-Dancehall like Aya T, Cymplex, Oskid, Maselo, Jamal, Levels and the legendary Tynash and Sheltang of Sunshine Studios/ Danger Zone fame. Inzwai Kuchemawo Mambo only has one feature from T Gonzi on a track titled 'Varikufara.'

Inzwai Kuchemawo Mambo release was initially pushed back from August 28th to 6 September.


Check out the tracklist and production credits below.

1.  Tsiurikawo (Produced by Tynash & Sheltang)

2.  Usipo (Produced by Cymplex)

3.  Hakete (Produced by Oskid)

4.  Hosana (Produced by Oskid)

5.  Ndichazofarawo (Produced by Tynash & Sheltang)

6.  Ukandiudza (Produced by Maselo)

7.  Mupe Mari (Produced by Jamal No Limits)

8.  Inzwai Kuchemawo Mambo (Produced by Aya T)

9.  Hurombwa (Produced by Levels)

10. Character (Produced by Cymplex)

11. Zvekunditaura (Produced by Tynash & Sheltang)

12. Hatisisina (Produced by Cymplex)

13. Hukama (Produced by Aya T)

14. Zvandinofunga (Produced by Tynash & Sheltang)

15. Ndanyarara (Produced by Aya T)

16. Ticharipinda Denga (Produced by Oskid)

17. Varikufara Featuring T Gonzi (Produced by Oskid)

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