Zimbabwean Reforestation Project "MyTrees Trust" Selected As Coldplay's Conservation Partner

Image: Instagram/coldplay

A week ago Coldplay announced their Music of the Spheres world tour. It was a day before their 9th studio album by the same name would be released and the tour was announced with a pledge to the environment by the group. In 2019 the group commissioned a team of sustainability experts to investigate their environmental impact and carbon footprint. This has helped them to identify the key areas where they can avoid, reduce and mitigate their carbon emissions.

Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres world tour is set to have a reduced carbon footprint in a multitude of ways including a plant based menu offered by their catering, solar panels installed at show venues, eliminating sale of single use plastics at venues and using “kinetic flooring” so that fans can generate energy as they dance. Coldplay is also set to fund conservation efforts from their tour sales.

The tour will fund the planting - and lifelong protection of - millions of new trees, including one tree for every ticket sold. 

Zimbabwean conservation and reforestation project MyTrees Trust is set to be Coldplay's conservation partner for tree planting in Africa.

We’re proud to support MyTrees Trust/Miti Yangu in Zimbabwe. This community-led project will protect a vast new area of wilderness, support the regeneration of forest and provide a habitat for critically-threatened wildlife.

In a statement MyTrees Trust expressed their excitement at the partnership. The community led initiative has so far planted almost 80,000 trees and they have 120,000 hectares under their management.

MyTrees Trust is delighted to have been selected as Coldplay's conservation partner for their upcoming tour. This is the start of a partnership that will see the restoration and protection of hundreds of thousands of hectares of Zim's precious remaining woodlands. Thank you!
Coldplay's contribution will be deployed across our conservation and tree planting portfolios - creating quality jobs for rural Zimbabweans, protecting habitat and re-opening vital wildlife corridors.
Whilst the scale of the problem facing ecosystems across the world is daunting, partnerships like these  that offer hope that we can find a path towards a brighter more sustainable future for all of us.

You can now support us through buying the team a cup coffee.

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