Probeatz & Tawanda Mapanda Awarded Funding Under Jerwood Arts' 1:1 Fund

Probeatz & Tawanda Mapanda (Instagram/tawandamaps)

Probeatz (Takudzwa Mashonganyika) and Tawanda Mapanda have been awarded funding for their Ngoma project under Jerwood Arts' 1:1 Fund. The Ngoma project will be focused on fusing African and Western music styles and instruments. The two (Probeatz & Tawanda) have previously worked together under Meet My Ancestors which is a theatre & music ensemble that performs ancient mbira music for modern audience with a contemporary twist.

The 1:1 FUND offers a £2,000 grant per collaboration, designed to offer an injection of support for two artists who may have an existing collaborative practice or would like to explore a new collaborative idea together. In a statement Jerwood Arts wrote:

We are pleased to announce 42 pairs today, nine more than we originally planned to support through the 1:1 FUND. Our aim was for this funding to enable the awarded pairs to connect, develop their practice and generate new ideas, without the pressure of a fixed outcome. Their ideas range from undertaking new research to kickstarting new creative processes, skills sharing and methods exchanges, to joint self-directed mini-residencies. Many focus on deep artform specific practices and expertise, and a significant number look to bring together their different disciplines in potentially transformative ways. We are thrilled to work with and support these 42 collaborations over the coming months.

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