Takura Drops "Mwana Wamambo"

The Shona Prince is here with his latest single "Mwana Wamambo", a song quite aptly titled by the artiste. The single drops at a time the artiste has been teasing fans that his latest EP is almost done. In October he had announced the project was more than 95% done and he had even posted a text seemingly from his mother that read, "Turn that shit up ngane yami. You're listening to the stuff of Gods" in reference to a song called Mazoe. 

Image: Instagram/takuralife

We're not sure if "Mwana Wamambo" is a single from the upcoming project but the track features Takura's well known genre bending style of music that blends hints of HipHop, RnB and Alternative. The song was produced by Loudplate and the mixing & mastering is credited to Verseless. The visuals for the track are pristine and that's one side of Takura's art he never skimps on. Directed by SIMDOC, the video concept borrows from different cultures and it displays great creativity.

Image: Instagram/takuralife

Vari kundi bikira doro
Vari kundi rongera tsoro
Pese pandofamba ndofamba necare
Watch who i fuck with and watch what i say
Vari kundi rongera tsoro
Vari kundi rongera tsoro
Mwana wamambo musamufananidze
Mwana wamambo will shine

Checkout the video for "Mwana Wamambo" below:

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