MJ WeMoto Celebrates Life With Latest Single

Mj Wemoto Image: Twitter

Moto Moto music Head Honcho delivered his latest offering 'To the blessings' as we wrapped up 2021. He penned the track delivering news of an addition to his family. The track offers an Afrobeats and Rap fusion with a Zimbabwean Sungura feel. Ray Solo handled the guitar  on the Mj Wemoto produced track. 

Song cover Image Supplied

'To the blessings' offered an introspective and honest account on the dynamics faced in life by the average human be it work or family related. He dug deep into how people overlook smaller achievements focusing on a bigger goal. In an exciting outro carried by a majestic guitar, MJ admits to finding beauty in the challenges that come with life. An introspective song you can dance to, an unique offering. Check it out

Life comes with many questions, be grateful for the blessings

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