Ropafadzo Ivy Gives Us The Sad Tale Of Loss On Her Latest Single "Ndoenda Newe"

Ropafadzo Ivy has blessed us with an ode to all the loved ones we've lost in "Ndoenda Newe". The song, she says is based on a true story is an expression of longing, sadness and pain yet it brings comfort. Ropafadzo is gifted with such a beautiful voice and she channels it perfectly for the vocals on this song. The Australian based songstress says the story in the song's lyrics is that of the pain of wishing you had a chance to say goodbye.

In recent years, especially with the virus emerging, many including myself have lost precious loved ones close to us. At times the pain is too great you wish and think to yourself  "Only if it were possible" (Dai zvichiita), the least I could do is accompany my departed loved one just to say good bye. Just to be with them a little while longer to ease the pain. Everything comes to an end, through all this we look up to God for comfort.

The song was produced by Nasper Incoming and it was released by visuals directed Tifaman Pro. The video is extremely poignant and it captures the essence of Ropafadzo's lyrics.

Checkout the single "Ndoenda Newe" below:

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