Five Unisex Classic Shoes To Have

The past decade has been about taking it back when it comes to classic shoes, from Nike, Adidas, Puma & New Balance. The beautiful thing is that these classics are shoes we can wear or style for any event that we might want to attend. The best part is how comfortable these shoes are.

Adidas Gazelle Image

Above we have the Adidas Gazelle; a beautiful unisex classic low-top. The Gazelle was designed a sports shoe and we all know how it goes when an influential celebrity takes it to the streets everyone will start doing the same. The sneaker was introduced before most of us were born during the 1960's Rome Olympics and in 1966 it was redesigned into the Adidas Gazelle classic we know today.

New Balance 550 Image:

The New Balance 550 is also one classic making noise in the sneaker streets designed by 'the Godfather of dad shoes ' Steve Smith.

New balance 550 was originally released in 1989 under "P550 Basketball Oxford" model name low top silhouette. Only a few that were probably teenagers back then remember these shoes, most of us were still toddlers. 30 years later the shoe is still being introduced in different colorways. The 550s are very affordable classic shoes that you can replace the dunks with and it has multiple of cool colours to choose from. 

Puma Clyde

Puma Clyde is one shoe I don't mind getting a different colorway every month when I can afford to. This shoe comes in different colours that you can easily pair with any outfit. Colorways are usually what determines   how much you are going to pay for a pair.

Puma wanted to gain a monopoly in basketball and Walt Fraizer was one of the players who was a fashionista who brought style to the game of basketball off-court in the 1969/70 season. 

Stan Smith Image:

The Stan Smith is everyone's favourite comfortable classic shoe by Adidas. You can wear them with jeans or shorts and still look good. I purchased the same shoe twice one in white and another in black all because I loved it so much. When I went into the store and saw one on display I knew I had to have one for myself. 

Originally named "Adidas Robert Haillet" after the brand endorsed the prominent player in 1965, in 1978 the shoes were renamed after Stan Smith an American Tennis player.

Nike Air Force 1 Image:

The Nike Airforce 1 is a shoe that everyone wants to have because it can worn with any outfit. An added bonus is that it is so comfortable you will end up wearing the same pair every day. Many do not know that this classic everyone's favourite shoes were made for basketball in 1982.This silhouette has so many versions paying homage with so many colorways. A white pair of Nike Airforece 1s will always be the King. 

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