Holy Ten Drops The Poetic Gamu (Part 1)

A lot of the time with Holy Ten's music and lyricism, it has felt like Gamu is the ex-girlfriend that doesn't get any rest. Always mentioned in unflattering terms, if she does exist she must rue the day she ever met Holy Ten. Yet with this latest release, Gamu is the muse for beautiful music although it's a painful kind of beautiful. Gamu (Part 1) is a melancholic performance of poetry that displays Holy's mastery of wordplay.

Holy Ten
Holy Ten & Kimberly Richards
Image: Instagram/holytenmusic

The song is slow in tempo with the gentle piano keys that have been typical of a lot of some of Holy's biggest hit tracks and he flows with a calm cadence to match the beat. It's not only great wordplay on display but equally good storytelling. The track dropped with visuals shot by Shawn, featuring the beautiful Kimberly Richards. On a different front, it shows the brilliance of Samanyanga Sounds as a label, with the great in different avenues that allow them to handle almost all production in-house.

The instrumental was done by Raspo Beats and the video's photography was by Wesley Snaps.

Check out the video for "Gamu" (Part 1) below:

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