Holy Ten Vs Voltz JT: The Story Of Modhe

The story of Modhe released today by Voltz marks the beginning of another chapter in the rap beef between the two artists. Voltz kicked off the saga with Muchiround which was quickly followed by Mbuya Vana Munya from Holy Ten. But the first round clearly went to Voltz and with the lyricism he has just dropped on the story of Modhe, it seems round 2 might be more of the same. Voltz pokes fun at Holy Ten's narcissism, career path and lyrical content.

                                          Voltz JT

Modhe is short for Mordecai and the song title "The story of Modhe" seems to be a rip from Pusha T's Drake diss titled "The story of Adidon". The track was produced by Jax Dabeatbully with mixing and mastering from Dominic Phillip. The song was also accompanied by a video from Director Leoy V. 

In one of the stand out verses on the track, Voltz drops a double entendre that references Holy Ten's hit song Wakatuka Amai then he alludes to a falling out between Takura & Holy Ten when he hints at Takura cutting him off and he also references their collaboration "Cut them off".

Ko kutuka vakadzi
Do you see mukadzi ndimai?
Wakatuka Amai
I always knew kuti Modhe anopanduka
Cause akatuka mukoma
Just after vamupinza mugame
Mukoma vakazomu cutter off
Cut them off

The amount of shade Voltz throws on this song is about as wide as the Amazon rain forest. From the opening sequence where a Holy Ten parody voices the words, "Voltz ukadiwa nevanhu kundipfura ka, kuita kuti tikusabotager" to the verses that insinuate that Holy Ten is not too bright and he spent his uni fees on alcohol. The story of Modhe is one you have to listen to for yourself.

Ini I don't blame Modhe
But I doubt pamafungiro 
Because Modhe akatiza kuchikoro
Akarova school fees achitenga two keys

Checkout "The story of Modhe" below:

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