Watch "Friends With Benefits" by Charmaine - Canada Based Zimbabwean Rapper Signed To Warner Music

Here is the Music Video for Friends with benefits by Charmaine, a Canada-based Zimbabwean artist signed to Warner Music.

Charmaine - Friends With Benefits

Charmaine's song Friends with benefits has an RnB feel, different from her previous rapping style comprising high-energy and aggressive flows. The track has a more melodic feel, accompanied by braggadocios lyrics that ooze out Charmaine's confidence in her own abilities.

Watch the music video for Friends with benefits below

Charmaine's Bio

Born Charmaine Tafadzwa Willie, she was living in a run-down motel 6, crammed into a single room with her parents and three siblings when she wrote her first song.

“I’d always been musically inclined growing up,” says the Zimbabwe-born, Toronto-based rapper, “but I never took it seriously until we lost our house. That was when I decided music was going to be the way I lifted my family up to a better life.”

Born in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare, Charmaine relocated to the United States at the age of five, bouncing around the Midwest with her family at first before eventually settling in Nashville for a large chunk of her childhood. Living in the American South was an eye-opening experience, but by the time high school rolled around, Charmaine was already on the way to her next culture shock, this time heading north of the border to Toronto, where life would soon take a dark turn.

“After we moved to Toronto, my dad got laid off,” says Charmaine, “and pretty quickly after that, we lost our house. We went to a shelter and then ended up living in a motel, all six of us in this tiny little room with just a hot plate for a kitchen.”

Throughout her family’s frequent moves and financial struggles, Charmaine had always turned to music as a source of comfort and stability, something she could rely on for emotional support no matter how difficult things got. Now, sitting on the motel floor with a notebook in hand, she turned to music as a life preserver, penning her own songs and scouring the internet for performance opportunities in the hopes of writing herself a ticket to a brighter future.

Charmaine is the first Zimbabwean artist to get co-signed by Ebro Darden and Fatman Scoop

The Canada-based Zimbabwean artist already has whopping 6.5 million global streams across her catalog with singles “WOO!” and “BOLD” being fan favorites with two million streams each. 

Charmaine was the only Canada-based artist selected for SoundCloud’s 2021 First On SoundCloud program that lead to amplified creative campaigns and global support.

Watch Charmaine perform in SoundCloud’s Original film The Day Ones below 

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