Netflix Acquires ‘Trees Of Peace’ Drama Starring Two Actors From Zimbabwe

Netflix recently acquired worldwide distribution rights to Trees Of Peace - a drama about the Rwanda genocide starring Hollywood-based Zimbabwean Actors Charmaine Bingwa and Tongayi Chirisa alongside Eliane Umuhire, Ella Cannon, and Bola Koleosho.

Netflix Acquires ‘Trees Of Peace’ Drama Starring Two Actors From Zimbabwe

Trees of Peace is the story of four women who find unity, hope, and strength through one of the world’s darkest tragedies. Based on events during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, four women from different backgrounds and beliefs are trapped together in an underground room. As they contend with the fear of being found and fight a slow death from starvation, they are forced to reconcile their inner demons and put their differences aside to live through the day—for 81 days straight.

Netflix plans to debut the film this summer.

In this film, Tongayi Chirisa plays the character of  Francois and Charmaine Bingwa plays Jeanette 

American filmmaker Alanna Brown, the movie director, and producer spent eight years writing, developing, and fundraising before filming took place in Los Angeles in late 2019. The film was also produced by Ron Ray, Barry Levine, Mike Bundlie, Brian Baniqued, Jeff Spiegel, and Vicky Petela.

Trees Of Peace won the top three jury prizes at American Black Film Festival and earned the top jury award at Santa Barbara International Film Festival after it premiered there last year.

Lead Producer Ron Ray negotiated the sale of the film with Netflix. 

Source: Screenplay

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