Tongayi Chirisa Is IMDb Pro's Actor Of The Month For March 2022

Arnold Tongayi Chirisa's star continues to rise in Hollywood as he was voted this March as IMDb Pro Actor Of The Month. The initiative is supported by the Casting Society of America which interviewed Arnold Tongayi Chirisa for a wide variety of topics including his relationship with casting directors, his inspiration, and the importance of IMDB Pro in his career

Tongayi Chirisa
Tongayi Chirisa

IMDb Pro is the equivalent of LinkedIn for entertainment professionals. It is an online database of information related to films, television series, home videos, video games, and streaming content online – including cast, production crew, personal biographies, plot summaries, trivia, ratings, and fan, and critical reviews.

My first IMDbPro credit was for a Zimbabwean film called TANYARADZWA, which means ‘we have been silenced ‘in my native tongue Shona. To be honest, it did not resonate with me too much when I first saw it, because I really didn’t know what IMDb was at the time!!

Now, I truly have a profound sense of pride that I am counted among the few/ or many, depending on how you look at it, who have a page dedicated to their work.

Recalls Tongayi Chirisa in an interview. Arnold Tongayi Chirisa was recently awarded a 2022 Zimbabwe National Art Merit Award for an outstanding artist in the diaspora

Visit this link to check out the rest of Tongayi Chirisa's conversation with the Casting Society of America

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