Why Is Radio In Zimbabwe Not Playing Your Music? Napoleon Nyanhi Explains

Why is Radio in Zimbabwe not playing your music? Only a Radio practitioner can give a satisfactory response. Radio in Zimbabwe is the biggest platform for music promotion in terms of accessibility. Yes, it still is. The online media space only represents and reaches a fraction of the 15 million+ people in Zimbabwe.  So many local artists have tense relationships with radio stations because of airplay issues. Napoleon Nyanhi, a seasoned radio practitioner and former Radio Station manager saw it fit to do a public lecture addressing this issue titled Harnessing the power of radio

This lecture is a must-watch for all songwriters, radio presenters, sound engineers, producers, musicians, and artist managers. Napoleon's presentation detailed his journey in broadcasting and his experiences in the radio world. His articulate presentation touched on branding, target audiences, building relationships with radio stations, ZIMURA, music listening committees, and understanding the mandate of each radio station. What makes this presentation a rare gem are the personal experiences he shared and collaborative input from station managers and programmers from all types of radio stations in Zimbabwe. Check out the lecture below: 

"If you listen to a radio station's chart show, you will establish the sound of that particular station" - Napoleon Nyanhi 

Napoleon Nyanhi
Napoleon Nyanhi Image: Facebook

In this public lecture, Napoleon Nyanhi unravels the industry standards that will help any aspiring, incoming or upcoming artist to penetrate the market using radio. Napoleon is a trainer and broadcaster who has become a respected authority in the Zimbabwean radio industry. This lecture is one of his Youth Empowerment initiatives liked to the Radio Presenter Masterclass which is the flagship program under The Centre  For Broadcasting Excellence

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