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With nearly three decades of providing outstanding football in Singapore, the Singapore Premier League is nearly two months into their season, providing outstanding football for fans across the region to enjoy. This is an exciting eight-team league that gives spectators great action on the field, plus the ability to place a bet on the top-level league in Singapore.

Singapore Premier League Season Preview

With eight teams battling to win the championship, you need valuable information to help you to make the right wager. Knowing football statistics is important, but the information in this article will help you to learn a little about the league so that you can make smarter picks.

How is Singaporean football run? What is the Singaporean Premier League?

The Singapore Premier League, sanctioned by the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), has been playing since 1996.  This is the highest level of football in Singapore which currently has eight clubs competing. The season runs from late March through October with 21 matches played. That means each club plays the others in the league three times during the regular season.

The top clubs in the SPL are eligible to compete in the Asian continental club competitions, including the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup. There is no promotion or relegation in this league.

Top Teams and Key Players in Singapore Premier League

In the 26 seasons of the S League, seven of the eight clubs have won at least one title. The only club to not do so is the Tanjong Pagar United FC, who have reached the championship game three times but have yet to win. The current champion is the Lion City Sailors, their third title. The team with the most championships is the Warriors FC, who have won nine championships.

Currently, last year’s champions are off to a fast start, going 6-1-1 through their first eight contests, leading the league with 19 points. They look in prime position to repeat as champions, led by Shinwook Kim, who is second in the league with nine goals. Boris Kopitovic is the top player in the Singapore Premier League, recording 11 goals.

Where to find betting odds for the Singaporean Premier League?

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Top tips and predictions for Singaporean Premier League

If you were going to place a wager on this league, then having quality information about the league and its teams will help you to make the right pick. Here is what you need to know about the teams this season.

Best Defending Teams

There is a good reason why the Sailors are the best team in the SPL. They have yielded the fewest number of goals the season, allowing only seven to give them a +13 goal differential. They are one of only two teams who have not yielded at least 10 goals this season. Albirex Niigata FC is the other as they have allowed nine goals.

Worst Defending Teams

The team giving up the most goals has been Hougang United FC, who have allowed 22 tallies this year. That puts them at a -8 goal differential, as they are 2-2-4 through the first eight games.

Best Attacking Teams

The best attacking team has been the Tampines Rovers FC. They have scored 21 goals this season, led by Kopitovic with 11 goals. In fact, this club also has the leader in assists as Kyoga Nakamura is tied for the league lead with five. Two other players on the team, Kopitovic and Zehruden Mehmedovic, are tied for fifth with three assists apiece.

Worst Attacking Teams

Only one team in the Singapore Premier League has not reached double digits in goals this season. That is the Geylang International FC who only have nine. They have a -5 goal differential and are 1-2-4.

Top Scorers

As mentioned, Tampines Rovers FC Boris Kopitovic leads the SPL with 11 goals, with Shinwook Kim of Lion City second with nine. Kodai Tanaka is third in the league with seven goals.

Top assists

Three players are tied with five assists, including Nakamura, Ryoya Taniguchi (Balestier Khalsa FC), and Maxime Christophe Lestienne (Lion City). Kan Kobayashi of Albirex is fourth with four assists.

How to bet on Singapore Premier League picks?

If you are looking to place a bet on the Singapore Premier League, you want to make sure you are making smart wagers on each match. One mistake that many make is going with the teams who have had the best record in recent history.

Last year’s champions show you that this may not be the best way to go. The Sailors earned their third title, but that was their first championship since 2003. In fact, prior to winning the championship, this club had been in the championship game just one time since 2013.

Look for clubs that are playing strong defensively. This is usually an indication of a sound scheme that is having a lot of success. In the case of Albirex, they may be fourth in the league currently, but this team has won four of the last six championships and were the runner-up last season. They always seem to have a strong club, and they are strong defensively this season, allowing just nine goals.

What are the best betting markets for the Singapore Premier League?

You will find incredible information and tips when visiting some of the best Singapore betting sites, even mathematical football predictions that will help you in making the right bets. You will also find information on where the best betting markets for you to place wagers are on the Singapore Premier League.

However, these sites give you a comprehensive look at options available to you across the globe, even if you are looking for sports betting companies in Zimbabwe. They ensure they provide a comprehensive amount of information to help you to find the right wager and the right place to place it.

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