Cleo Arie Back With 'Jah Bless'

Songbird Cleo Arigondia also known as Cleo Aire is back with 'Jah Bless', a much-anticipated release. The songstress is mainly known for her chemistry with her guitar and impressive vocal excellence. "Jah Bless" is a beautiful, reassuring, and motivational song in which Arie's magical voice navigates high and low pitches smoothly to match the VictorEnlisted production. The artist demonstrated her vocal capabilities over a broad range of octaves, signature riffs, tones, and harmonic vocals. 

'Jah Bless' was written and composed by Cleo Arie. The lyrics unpack the importance of guidance from the Supreme Being as we pace through life; 'Jah Jah Bless madhiri'. Jah Bless comes accompanied by a colorful lyrics visualizer by Director Aaron Mheta. Arie's colorful wardrobe brings to life the passion in her lyrics.

Cleo Arie Image: Aaron Mheta

Jah Bless is a prayer in form of a song and it talks about how one cannot make it in life without the hand of God (Jah). In the song, Cleo Arie seeks the blessings of God to flow in her day-to-day dealings as she mixes and does business with different kinds of people who sometimes may not exactly have good intentions. The single has already been receiving so much attention and appreciation from fellow musicians such as Garry Mapanzure and Nyasha David. Check out 'Jah Bless' below:

Cleo Arie Jah Bless
Song artwork

Isai mwenje munzira mangu, tungamirai nzira dzangu kwese kwandinoenda zvifaye

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