A Rejuvenated Blot Promises New Album, Finds Truce With Chillspot Recordz

Born Takura Chioniso, Blot is seriously out to storm the scene and reclaim his glory. Zim-dancehall is the country’s leading music genre which from its inception has been dining with controversies. Blot has not been spared. Hailing from the mining town of Kwekwe, his talent is surely gold, and would have been at least one of the biggest artists in the country. But, thanks to Chillspot Recordz. 

blot zim dancehall artist

He has been dominating conversations in Zim-dancehall following a streak of flawless live performances. Which include Kinnah’s birthday bash and his former employers’ Chillspot Anniversary. It turns out to be a beautiful script of romantic tragedy as Blot would grab all the headlines at an event that celebrates the people who authored his demise 4 years ago. 

A resilient Blot would however not be erased and bona fide dancehall listeners, promoters, and artists saw to it that the grenade is a valuable arsenal. The dust has eventually settled, it seems. Essential to his wheelhouse are freestyles which make the dancehall culture a hub of insane creativity and such skill has been an added advantage to Blot’s career. 

The album is unofficially announced through a free-styling session in which he is seen disembarking one of the (bosses’) cars. Likewise, so-called mbingas deserve gratitude in as much as their involvement in dancehall has been fingered and criticized. It is delightful to watch compared to recent years when he was trending for abusing drugs. 

Watch the video for Blot’s performance at the recently held Chillspot Recordz 10th anniversary.

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