Black Coffee - DJ Who is Extremely Popular in Zimbabwe

The famous DJ, performing under the nickname Black Coffee, is called Nkosinathi Maphumulo. Thanks to his creativity, this man, to whom even disability did not break his career and life, earned a reputation among the public precisely under a pseudonym. The DJ is known both for his numerous albums and for the establishment of a charitable foundation whose activities are aimed at supporting people with disabilities.

Tragedy Affecting the Future Life

Black Coffee began his career back in 1994 in his hometown of Umlazi, located in South Africa. At first, he had to play at various festivals and events for free. Nkosinathi liked the music lessons. At a young age, he became one of the members of a collective called SHANA, which is known for its four albums.

In 1990, a tragedy occurred, which caused a severe injury and subsequent amputation of the arm. Black Coffe was in a car accident, but after it, he did not give up. “I remember this day for the rest of my life,” says Black Coffee in an interview. “However, I am grateful to the Almighty for him, because thanks to this disaster, I became who I am.” Thanks to the optimism and dedication of the musician, he managed to leave a significant creative legacy. 

Black Coffe is a picture of determination not only for South Africans both other African people as well. The DJ, extremely famous in Zimbabwe shows everyone that even with one hand you can create incredible music. We can apply his instance in numerous aspects of our livers - whether you bet in-play matches or do other things. It is possible to achieve everything with sheer will. 

Musician's Record

In the future, the DJ was even able to set a world record, which was recorded in the famous Guinness Book of Records. Virtually non-stop (making only small pauses every 4 hours), the DJ entertained the audience for 60 hours. Why did he decide to set this record? The reason is simple: as Black Coffee himself says, the music helped him to hold on after the accident, and by his example, the musician would like to show other people an example of resilience and commitment to a great idea. 

Currently, the work of the DJ is very popular. In 2006 his collection was awarded as the best dance collection. 

Interesting Things to Know About Zimbabwe

The Republic of Zimbabwe is located in Southern Africa. The capital of Zimbabwe is Harare. Two rivers flow through the territory of the country - Limpopo and Zambezi. On the border with Zimbabwe is the famous Victoria Falls. This is a former British colony, and until 1980 the country was called Southern Rhodesia. There are other interesting facts about Zimbabwe.

Before gaining independence, the country was one of the most developed in the region. The average life expectancy in this country does not exceed 40 years. It has to do with the AIDS pandemic. But every year the population of Zimbabwe is increasing by 1 million people due to the high birth rate. 

  • In 2009, the country abandoned the national currency due to high inflation. Today, American dollars are used here. The local currency is sold to collectors and tourists as souvenirs.
  • The main ingredient of national dishes is crocodile meat. Vegetables and fruits are practically not used. Therefore, vegans are unlikely to like it here.
  • One of the largest lakes of artificial origin, Kariba, is located in this country.
  • The composition of the national costume includes a skirt, hat, necklace and earrings.
  • The country is considered one of the largest coffee exporters in the world.
  • On the territory of Zimbabwe, a quarter of black rhinos live, of all that remain on the planet.
  • The name of the first President of Zimbabwe is Canaan Banana. After two years of rule, he issued a law forbidding jokes about his surname.

Top 4 Interesting Facts

  • There is a tribe in Zimbabwe where every fourth inhabitant has only two toes on each foot. Researchers believe that the cause is a gene passed down from generation to generation. Indeed, in this tribe, marriages with close relatives are allowed.
  • This country has rich natural resources. In the bowels of Zimbabwe, there are a large number of deposits of chromium and platinum ores, emeralds, diamonds and rubies. There are also gold, copper, tin, lithium and coal deposits.
  • There is a small area on the edge of Victoria Falls where you can swim. The protruding rock formed a natural pool, which is called the Devil's. The current weakens in September and December. But the risk of breaking loose and dying remains.
  • The initiative to gain independence from Great Britain came from the "white" population. But over the years of bloody fights, the number of people with white skin began to decline, and today does not exceed 1%. On the national emblem of the country, there is an image of a Kalashnikov assault rifle
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