Munya Chawawa Banned From Filming In Zimbabwe

UK-based comedian Munya Chawawa recently stated on his Instagram page that had been banned by the government of Zimbabwe from filming a documentary in the country. The video talking about the ban was posted with the caption, "Munions! I need your help" (Munions being how Munya affectionately refers to his fans). In the second part of the video, Munya went on to call upon his fans to ask the president of Zimbabwe to let him in.

Munya Chawawa Banned From Filming In Zimbabwe
Munya Chawawa
Image: Instagram/munyachawawa

Go onto his insta @presidentmnangagwa
Go on his recent post and comment '#LetMunyaIn'

The video came after Munya had been complaining about the cold weather in South Africa and he started off by clarifying that the only reason he was currently in South Africa was the ban by the Zimbabwean government. Any government department was yet to comment on the news. This news also comes just a few days after Munya received his latest nomination for Breakthrough Talent-Presenter at the Edinburgh TV Awards.

Munya Chawawa Banned From Filming In Zimbabwe

Munya Chawawa is a British-Zimbabwean comedian most popular for his skits and comedic personas such as Unknown P, Barty Crease, and Jonny Oliver. He is the winner of a British National Comedy Award, a Royal Television Society Programme Award and he has a BAFTA nomination among many other recognitions of his work.

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