A Conversation With King Kandoro: Talking Mukoma Bruce

In the space of just over a year, Mukudzei Majoni aka King Kandoro has given us an amazing current affairs satire show in Properganda, a stand-up special in The Prodigal Son and now his latest creation Mukoma Bruce. It seems the talented comedian is on a relentless path to create and his audience is currently feasting on all ends. Mukoma Bruce gives us a look at what Batman would look like if he was Zimbabwean and from the ghetto but it's an entirely new story from the one you know about Bruce Wayne.

A Conversation With King Kandoro: Talking Mukoma Bruce

We caught up with King Kandoro to talk about everything Mukoma Bruce and here's how it went:

How did the concept of Mukoma Bruce come about?

Aaah I can’t even remember how exactly the original idea came to be, but I remember tweeting about having a Zimbabwean "Batman". It might have been because of a conversation happening on Twitter at the time.

What made you choose this cast in particular?

They’re incredible. These are people that I had always wanted to work with and Mukoma Bruce gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. It was all very selfish, me me me. I’m very happy with how it worked out.

Mukoma Bruce starring cast:

King Kandoro as Mukoma Bruce

Musa Saruro as Bamunini Alfred

Kim Kute as Sekai

Stella Chimunda as Mai Wayne

Michael Kudakwashe as Sgt Goddy

Kizito Mawoko as Dread wemaPlan

How has it been working with them?

To be honest, it was very intimidating, and it’s not even something that I shied from letting them know. LOL! You have to realize that most of these guys are trained, theatre actors and professionals. But they really showed me the ropes and they were brilliant enough to let me suck in peace.

Kizito Mawoko popularly known as Dread Welly is a blast from the past instantly recognizable to most Zimbabweans. He rose to fame from his role on the soapie Studio 263 and almost everyone remembers the iconic scene "Wellington mwanangu wahwandisa bhebhi pasi pemubhedha". He adds a certain feeling of nostalgia to Mukoma Bruce and it's a delight to be seeing him on screen again.

Was Dread Welly in particular someone you had always wanted to work with?

If we hadn’t got Dread Welly I wouldn’t have wanted to go ahead with the show.

What can viewers expect from the rest of the season?

It’s a fun story, it doesn’t have any hidden political agendas or messages, it’s just a fun ghetto story that you can enjoy and use as a slight distraction.

How has it been collaborating with Shumba Money on this project? And how important is it for more businesses to engage creatives in this manner?

Top-tier stuff! The people at Shumba Money greenlit the project and let us do our thing, not one day did they ask to vet a script, and see an edit. They trusted us as creatives, not only is that unheard off especially considering the level of support but it was mind-blowing. They really have been incredible and I think most corporations can learn a thing or two from them. Equip creatives with what they need and then let them work.

Can the audience expect to meet Mukoma Bruce at Madhorofiya Socials?

(Laughs) Mukoma Bruce doesn’t have a passport, sooooo.

In 2017, you mentioned in an interview that the long-term goal for Madhorofiya Republik was to inspire one or three people to follow their dreams. How has been the process over the last 5 years?

(Laughs) I don’t know if I'm the one who should be answering the question, especially if you want the truth. The temptation would be to say "Yeah, I've inspired hella people..." but the truth is I don’t know my bro. I’ve also been caught up in making this dream of mine a reality that I haven't really stopped to check who has been motivated by me. I just know that there are a lot of people also doing incredible things in Zimbabwe, but it would be very arrogant and presumptuous of me to assume that I'm the reason they’re doing so (laughs).

Check out the pilot episode of Mukoma Bruce below:

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