Predicate Thoughts Of A Banana Vendor: "I Am In A League Of Achievers"

I was in the first class back in High-School, it wasn't by mistake, favouritism or abuse of some power. There were nine classes in one stream, and being in the last class would have been the most inappropriate placement for a student such as myself. However I didn't perform to par in the first class and it wasn't because I was stupid or dumb, I just had susceptible irregular issues that interfered with my academic performance which also got in the way of my being a prefect. 

I often meet my classmates in the city and have a rap; some are in college, some are comedians, some musicians, some miners, and some are in ministry and it always amuses me just how things don't really always turn out how society conventionalizes them to. Who'd have thought a first-class student would be a vendor and the last-class student would be a renowned and professional carpenter? That is when you learn that life doesn't function on paradoxical societal norms. Sonke sinenhlupho zethu siphinde sibe nezibusiso ezihlukahlukene.

Two of my classmates graduated overseas last month (June), one was a friend and the other a good comrade. I sent them both congratulation comments on Instagram while I was at a corner somewhere in the city selling bananas and it occurred to me much more intensely than ever as they aren't the only people I personally know who graduated; my own father graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, that event didn't quite hit me like a ton of bricks, but these two classmates among others culminated to a sense which rested on me like an "aha!" moment causing me to realize I was in a league of achievers! 

My father is a high achiever, in fact, my grandfather was a high achiever too but what made me realize my placement with much more intensity was Jordan & Takawira's graduation. And I had to be at the right place in a cold corner somewhere in the city to realize that I am a popular banana vendor whose newspaper recognized, national news recognized, and radio stations recognized, which is all unconventional by the way, simply because I am in a league of achievers. It wasn't a mistake to be ranked first-class in high school. Anyone could rate that, as little as a banana business ferried in a traditional scorch-cart, it's got first-class features; you can tell from a distance that this vendor in fact did go to school, and without even knowing which class I was in be it last mid or first it just still tells that this vendor is not stupid or dumb.

I was by my mechanic's workshop this past Wednesday where coincidentally I met an acquaintance, we ate up a good chat and eventually I sold him two bunches. Somehow this smart guy there quickly picked up what I am about, so when I was leaving he followed me and said "my man how old are you?" I said 24, and without paraphrasing him he exclaimed: "you seem to know what the fuck you're doing man, you've got pride and energy you're not ashamed to get my number...". This guy made my day! Every day I am shown signs that I am in a league of high achievers, do you know just how enabling that is? And it couldn't happen any other way, I had to be a vendor, and it had to be my place to start. 

Two weeks ago a Pastor presented a sermon out of the story of Moses leading the Israelites from slavery in Exodus 15; When they got to a place called Marah they discovered that the waters were so bitter they couldn't drink them, they were from trodding through a dry wilderness for three days. The Pastor emphasized that sometimes we are caught up in bitter places and cannot drink of the waters or understand our placements or fathom the situations, we'll be in Marah and that is the very best place to be to witness God's miracle and his purpose for us. A lot of times I do feel like I am in Marah but the waters here miraculously get sweeter and all of a sudden my journey to the land of milk & honey feels worthwhile. A lot of these signs are sweet sips but I know Marah is not a place to settle, there's still Elim where there are wells and palm trees. Life is a journey.

Last Friday at sunset I was at my very first ever business seminar moderated by Kuda Dhliwayo, where CEOs, Intellects and high achievers spoke out to young entrepreneurs about everything entrepreneurship, innovation and networking. At the end of that seminar, we were requested to talk to the person sitting next to us and find out who they were and what they were about, which is termed "networking". To my surprise half, the room already knew who I was and what I was about, I only knew two people there. I got embarrassed because some of these people already followed me on Twitter but I was not following them. I promised myself from then on I was not going to miss any opportunity that has to do with networking and entrepreneurship. The seminar ended at 6.30PM, and coffee and refreshments were served but I couldn't stay longer for all that because of the horrific night incident which happened to me yesteryear. I remember riding my Mbombela so fast that night a flyby cyclist said "you're moving fast man", I was under the influence of fear that I may get mugged again, also the excitement of realizing I have a huge potential and that I'm actually bigger than I think, all gave me an adrenaline rush which had me riding my Mbombela incredibly fast.

I am in a league of achievers.

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Eita daar, I'm Ricky! A chilled out guy, dog lover, cyclist and a banana bread patient. Like yourself I'm taking life's blows as they come, trying to figure out my placement and purpose in this life, luckily I can write the journey out to share with you how ancient encounters were shared and taught about through dusty scrolls, only difference now is we've got tablets. I hope you'll enjoy my writings and mostly draw inspiration off of.

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