What If Batman Was Zimbabwean? A Hero Is Born As King Kandoro Gives Us "Mukoma Bruce"

The story of Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy orphaned at a young age who now dresses up in a bat-themed suit and beats criminals to a pulp, is a story loved across the globe. From Tony Stark to Clark Kent, DC to Marvel, the superhero story has often been one of an individual with access to vast resources and crime-fighting has been approached as some sort of philanthropy. In comes Mukoma Bruce (Captain Mfombi is already in the room somewhere) telling the story of the ghetto superhero. 

Infused with social commentary, current affairs, and duality of humour through the dialogue & subtitles, Mukoma Bruce tells the story of a ghetto youth who's trying to just fight crime at night and make ends meet during the day. It features a cast that has some of the country's current favourite actors and blasts from the past, which make this hilarious production so easy to love. 

Part of the starring cast (They also have a host of amazing supporting actors):

King Kandoro as Mukoma Bruce

Musa Saruro as Bamunini Alfred

Kim Kute as Sekai

Stella Chimunda as Mai Wayne

Michael Kudakwashe as Sgt Goddy

Kizito Mawoko as Dread wemaPlan

What If Batman Was Zimbabwean? A Hero Is Born As King Kandoro Gives Us "Mukoma Bruce"

Mukoma Bruce might be inspired in part by Batman but it's not Batman's story at all. It is in fact truly a Zimbabwean story. Powered by Shumba Money, it is another win for the collaboration of the corporate world and the arts. Something that should definitely happen more regularly. 

From the opening sequence of Mukoma Bruce's pilot episode, I was hooked. It merged together dialogue from two famous beatdowns, Batman's "I am vengeance" and a Zimbabwean viral moment in "Where are you cutting?"

Created & written by Mukudzei "King Kandoro" Majoni, it's another display of his limitless talent. A different avenue from his usual political satire but just as brilliant. The 10-12 minute episodes leave you yearning for more and from Kandoro's recent tweets the second season promises just that. 

A crossover with Captain Mfombi would also be a worthy watch. Call it the "Ghetto Justice League" but Zimbabwe being Zimbabwe, two powerful entities coming together might be the "Corruption League".

Check out the pilot episode of "Mukoma Bruce" below:

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