Netflix is seeking to develop films and series from Zimbabwe: “The world wants to know what’s happening in Africa”

Following the debut of Cook Off, Zimbabwe’s only original film on Netflix, the streamer is seeking to develop films and series from Ghana, Zimbabwe and Uganda, in the near future.

This is according to Dorothy Ghettuba, Netflix’s director of the local language series for Africa. “There’s a curiosity across the world about locally-specific shows from Africa—great creative, great stories,” she said during the See What’s Next Africa showcase that was recently held in Johannesburg, South Africa. “The world wants to know what’s happening in Africa.”

“Our investment in Africa continues to grow and we just continue to do more and more shows,” she continued. “We believe that Africa is one of the major creative centers for great storytelling that resonates around the world, so it only makes sense for us to increase our investment with our slate, with an even more exciting slate.”

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Netflix announced numerous African original renewals, co-production developments, and other projects that will be released. South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya have been the main locales of Netflix originals.

In other news, Zimbabwean actress Vanesu Danai Palesa Shoniwa-Samunyai has stepped into some serious shoes for her acting debut role in Netflix’s The Sandman series.

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