Listen To This New Song By Takura "Goosebumps"

The Shona Prince Takura returned today with a new single, “Goosebumps.” after teasing the song back in March on Tik Tok. Produced by Kanaboy, “Goosebumps” is a hazy Afrobeats track about a typical teenage love affair of a guy who wants to transform his childhood friendship with a girl into a love relationship. 


As the hook goes, Takura is deep in his feelings every time this girl comes to his house to hang out like they usually do. However, the thought of them being in love gives him goosebumps because he is not sure if she feels the same way.

ʻI still get goosebumps every time you pull up to my hood, girl.

On the bridge, Takura flips a dancehall classic, Kevin Little's Turn me on as he tells this girl (most likely by text message) his fantasies and intentions.

ʻCan I hold you, 
Can I caress your body
You got me going crazy yeah.

The verdict is out in the last verse, where we see Takura getting relegated to the friend zone after expressing his feelings. He starts asking a lot of questions in text messages and gets late responses.

ʻWhen are you gon decide?
When are you gon give me some alone time?
And I know you gon reply mangwana.

You can go ahead and listen to the track below which comes packaged with a YouTube visualizer produced by Mwale Art.

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