4Supremos; Holy Ten, Nutty O, Ishan and Tamy Moyo new track Mawere lives up to billing

Chemistry and commercial viability are in most cases the soul of successful collaboration. The song Mawere has indeed tempted discussions on the rhetoric phenomenon of teamwork. This quick review is diligently bypassing that cliché. The memory of our time will be a vivid paradigm shift in the Zimbabwean music industry courtesy of fast-rising contemporary genres.

4Supremos, Holy Ten, Nutty O, Tamy Moyo, Ishan - Kumawere

Holy Ten is a name that has divided opinion in the hip hop circles but the broad consensus maintains his leading role in breaking the deadlock for the respective genre. However, that stance must be aggressively confronted because hip-hop has always been warming up on the touchline. Ishan’s talent stormed the scene assisted by hip-hop collaboration before this ‘power strangling’ era. The latter is a wonderful vocalist who has consistently served blissful melodies.

Nutty O is now a household name whose career continues to build on the themes of ‘international’ and ‘exportable’. Whatever that means, ‘they’ defiantly remain committed to detoxifying his dancehall. In total, we have a treasured yet embattled career eyeing to extend its ability. Tamy Moyo like the rest belongs to a unique story and set of circumstances. To this day, her work ethic solidifies the typical Zimbabwean queen status.

4 Supremos is an excitable expedition which amalgamates all the briefly explained energies. One would wonder if the collaboration has lived to top billing expectations. The delivery was on point from all quarters. Exceptional is Ishan’s blend with the ladies. From his collaborations with Tamy and Annatoria, he has clearly outshone a lot of singers with those mesmerizing vocals. 

4 Supremos still has a visualizer and the video might drop if we could request it. The song sure deserves that visual recreation. Another talking point is the commercial aspect of things in our industry. The 4 artists have benefitted from competent management that has been big endorsements. And having something in common, they too realized the commercial viability of collaborations of this magnitude. Whether it is the only one or more are coming we surely love watching it unfold!

Watch the visualizer for Mawere  and share your thoughts in the dialogue box below!

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