New works debuted at Miami Beach Art Week 2022 by Tamary Kudita to remain on permanent display at The Betsy Hotel

After a successful US debut of ‘African Victorian’ at The Betsy’s 2021 Miami Art Week, Zimbabwean Photographer Tamary Kudita returned to Miami for Art Basel 2022 with a new collection titled “Birds of a Paradise” that she exhibited at The Betsy-South Beach hotel. "I’m thrilled to announce that I will be debuting my new show Birds of a Paradise at Art Basel as part of Miami Art Week at The Betsy Hotel." she wrote on Instagram about the works curated by Betsy co-owner Lesley Goldwasser. 

New works debuted at Miami Beach Art Week 2022 by Tamary Kudita to remain on permanent display at The Betsy Hotel
Tamary Kudita

"This series unfolds as a two-part story which I created through the lens of the past and the present. For some, Zimbabwe is a distant paradise, both mystical and wonderful. For others, the concept of a lived reality operates as an absolute truth determined by the material conditions of the world in which we live. We too are longing for a paradise, where social equality exists defined by harmony, peace, and hope. It is a wonderful thought, isn’t it, that such a place would exist! Stemming from the desire to recognize the lived truth of others, my work explores several intertwined imaginaries documented through domestic, metropolitan and non-linear spaces." Said Tamary Kudita.

Other works on display at The Betsy Hotel during Miami Art Week which ran from Monday, November 28 till Sunday, December 4, 2022, also included photography by Nadia Huggins (Trinidad/Tobago), Eric Kroll (USA), and a mixed media collection by Ray Tenorio (Cuba). Also exhibited is new work by conceptual multi-media artist Sri Prabha (India) and a dance work by Peter London (Trinidad/Tobago). The Betsy also celebrated new artist books by Alessandro Sarno and Carlos Andres Cruz.  

"My trip to Miami was nothing short of amazing. The spectacular people I met, the culture I soaked in and the knowledge I gained all left me with a newfound sense of self. I also left contemplating how to make Zimbabwe a better place to live through creative community development. We are amid a cultural awakening and I believe that we have a significant contribution to make. I might not have all the answers now but I’m going to continue to learn. Being a blessing to those who have been a blessing to you is now the ultimate goal. Collaboration over authorship. Be patient with yourself because you are a rare find." said Kudita.

"A huge thank you to everyone who attended the show and made this dream a reality. My work is now part of Betsy’s permanent collection so feel free to catch it on display at the Betsy-South Beach hotel in Miami, Florida." 

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