Watch Beloved Mebhena a Zimbabwean Student explore this ancient Chinese Village of Zhanli Dong for a local "Be My Guest" TV Show episode

Beloved Mebhena, a Zimbabwean international student based in China was invited to be on 
"Be My Guest" - a reality tv show produced by Guizhou Satellite TV that host foreigners to visit Guizhou, an ancient village known for Dong songs and home to one of the four most beautiful terraces of China called Jiabang Terraces.

Beloved Mebhena visited Zhanli Village, Congjiang, Guizhou to see her friend Wu Xinping, and also to learn Guizhou folk music. 

In the Dong Village, Beloved Mebhena learned to sing the Grand Song of the Dong ethnic group with Pan Sayinhua, the representative inheritor of the Dong Song of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project, and followed Wu Xinping to attend the "Xing Ge Zuo Yue" event, where young Dong people express affection to each other. Moreover, she also visited the fairyland-like Jiabang Terraces in Congjiang.

Check the episode out in the video above.

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