Winky D latest 2023 album Eureka Eureka launch line up: A time for co-existence!

Anticipation for a blockbuster crossover into 2023 is fast gaining momentum. Winky D definitely has what it takes to fill up the giant HICC. Gateway Stream is partnering with this brand to make sure a show of a lifetime is secured for music lovers.

On the 31st of December 2022, the legendary musician is dropping a new album titled Eureka Eureka. The Gaffa continues to bring extraterrestrial vibes to the industry by playing an almost alien game of keeping everything private and everyone wondering.

This year’s line-up is exciting as it promotes alternative young and upcoming hip-hop youngsters. Holy Ten and Saint Floew are arguably the most priced talents who have shot up in recent years. It is a delight to witness the co-existence of two urban culture disciplines fiercely competing for listenership.

Winky D new latest 2023 Eureka Eureka album download zip mp3
Winky D  Eureka Eureka album cover

Other names on the line-up include Tocky Vibes, Killer T and Enzo Ishall. 

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