Make Way for talented singer Mandy Ahwee

If Zimbabwe is blessed, musical talent must be the icing on the cake. The discovery of Mandy Ahwee in our music wanderings triggered the urgency to make this grand confession. Mandy is a gifted female vocalist whose trade plies in afro beats dominated by some reggae and RnB. Her singing abilities allow her the freedom to experiment with different genres. Here are the top three songs from Mandy that convinced the writer that she is indeed a star

Mandy Ahwee
Mandy Ahwee

The song is carried by infectious nostalgia and consciousness of our country’s liberation. The historical allusion employed here is both a sample of the song and Mbuya Nehanda’s immortal being. The rendition of the liberation struggle’s popular hymns is phenomenal by how she manages to seamlessly polish the grit with her mellow. This production modernizes the indelible value of preserving the nation’s history and pride. The song Mbuya Nehanda makes our top 3 because it celebrates our sovereignty besides the obvious talent exhibited by the young artist.

In this track, Mandy Ahwee is graced by the famed voice of Tocky Vibes. Sowe is a track that delves into the slightly controversial trend of side road apostolic men of faith whom Zimbabweans are always flocking to in times of desperation. The song speaks to the plight of women who in most cases get duped by fake prophets. Tocky Vibes personifies the ‘madzibaba’ who has the power to deliver her from her iniquities. The genius portrayed in this production is the ability to dilute the spiritual tension connected with the topic with greatly executed comic relief. The pressing matter however survives, ‘dambudziko rangu richapera here?’

Perhaps, soulful reggae is where this queen belongs. Make Way is Mandy’s prayer that introduces us to her stream of consciousness loaded with ambition. In this song, she confirms the inner introspections which boost the confidence of a new voice and awareness that without this pomposity, the industry might be in fact a damned jungle. She threatens, ‘ndovarimira mumunda’. We rate this track as her number-one record for its rich lyrics in summarizing all the propaganda we may try to flood you with. The song positions her rightfully for the dare to grab her throne as the new queen in the streets.

Mandy Ahwee is a talent to watch. Most of her songs have been engineered by Blaqboi da don who is steadily growing into becoming a household producer in the industry. Provided more work is done whilst the flame is still blowing, Zimbabwe has been blessed yet again.

Check out Mandy Ahwe’s Make Way music video below:

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