Zimbiyana Jones (MC Chita) features Msiz'kay on the First Single From His Upcoming Album "Zimbiyana Jones and The Temple Of Boom"

It feels like Zimbiyana Jones (The artist formerly known as MC Chita) has finally arrived. A new persona that's sheds the shell of the old but still carries the same legendary Zimhiphop dna. It's been 4 years in the making but the album Zimbiyana Jones and The Temple Of Boom will finally get released as signified by the release of the first single from the project "Impilo".

His name might've changed but the level of artistry MC Chita brings under his new persona is still the same. Impilo is song that reflects on the journey of life. It speaks of perseverance, overcoming adversity and the simple desire of wanting live and flourish. The verses are a mouthful with quick spitfire lyrics yet the flow is effortless and Zimbiyana Jones makes it feel like he's barely breaking a sweat.

It's a well practiced cadence over an instrumental that's stays true to hip-hop's original nature accompanied by an exceptional hook. Although Zimbiyana Jones has the hard hitting bars, it's Msiz'kay's vocals that take this song over the top. The lyrics are simple, the melodies perfect and the delivery completes the holy trinity of a great chorus.

The song was produced by Dior, who delivered just the right sound for the collaboration and it was released with visuals directed by Skar Films.

Impilo sets up high expectations for Zimbiyana Jones and The Temple Of Boom. An album that has been coming for 4 years. In addition to Msiz'kay, the project is said to feature Nutty O, Germany based TRK and Pheelip Muse from Nigeria.

Checkout the video for "Impilo" below:

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