Dhadza D’s timelessness celebrated in new song Mukoma

The fact that Dhadza D is still relevant in the music circles is known. It is however not widely celebrated and neither have spaces with that responsibility used this classic legacy to benefit the contemporary arts industry; as it should be. Dhadza D is a Chitungwiza-based chanter whose legacy has endured the evolutionary tide of urban music and his resilience personifies the attitude that continues to fuel the charge for genres like dancehall. 

Dhadza D Mukoma mp3 download

Dhadza D is a famed electric stage performer. His militant theatrics are a marvel to experience. The dancehall fraternity can attest that stage sets are the true litmus test for artists given the mood and tension of the atmosphere. Dancehall shows are competitively tense to prove ‘who is the king of dancehall’

Dhadza D might not have been popularly acclaimed as the king of dancehall. The performance at Busy Signal’s show in 2017 at the Glamis Arena accompanied by Kinnah could have secured the throne for the chanter. What is seemingly short in his career is a catalogue with albums, high-profile collaborations and consistent chart-topping hits. His biggest project so far is a collaborative album with Guspy Warrior. The two laid a solid claim to the greatest collaboration of all time with Sniper on the classic hit Dancehall Champion. The startling thing here is Dhadza’s longevity that is out-spanning the test of time, especially in dancehall. His hardcore dancehall style is firmly intact and unshaken even in the face of downplaying. 

You get nothing less than startling admiration for Dhadza D in the new music video for Mukoma. With the help of Uche, the trap dancehall song is the anthem for a legacy of this stature. Mr. Press Gas assures the amateurs that he is still the big brother in the dancehall. apart from the energy-laden here, one can clearly feel a sense of victory from years and years of trying to prove a point. Dancehall is safe with legendary icons still representing the game tirelessly!

Stream Dhadza D featuring Uche via the link below


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