International Pantsula Vibes: Indigo Saint and Asaph's Latest Hip Hop Hit 'Amber'

Indigo Saint and Asaph's latest collaboration, "Amber," is a mesmerizing Zimbabwe hip-hop track that showcases the duo's lyrical prowess and dynamic musicality. The track is laced with a catchy hook and a mix of Ndebele and English slick rhymes that are sure to captivate listeners and bring an authentic feel to the song. 

Indigo featuring Asaph - Amber mp3 download

"Amber," features a drill beat by PortlandGeton that grabs your attention from the start as Indigo Saint kicks off the first verse with a unique flow that showcases his style of rap, which he calls "international pantsula." The verse is delivered with precision, and the lyrics are delivered in Ndebele and English, which adds a cultural touch to the track. The beat is in sync with his flow, creating a perfect combination of rhythm and rhyme.

Asaph comes in on the second verse, switching to English lyrics. He delivers his verse with a calm and confident flow that complements the drill beat perfectly. His lyrics are relatable, and his storytelling skills are on full display.

The production of "Amber" is top-notch, and the mixing is well done. The beat is catchy, and the instrumentation blends well with the rappers' vocals. The song's length is just right, and it keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.

Overall, "Amber" is a great hip-hop song that showcases the talents of Bulawayo artists Asaph and Indigo Saint. The combination of a drill beat, Ndebele and English lyrics, and the unique flow of both artists make it a track worth listening to. The production quality is high, and the song has a lot of replay value. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys hip-hop music.

Stream Amber here

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