Coach recruits Kikkybadass, Crooger, Icey Ekxne, Slyme Foxx, Suhn and Denimwoods for "Amaiwee"

If we are talking consistency of new releases then none come close to OCD (Off Center Department), baring Letter Z Music Factory of course. The creative hub and label have been churning out the releases almost at a rate that could match the local currency. It's been track after track and collaboration after collaboration from Icey Ekxne and Slyme Foxx, with their latest release by Coach possibly their biggest one yet.

Coach recruits Kikkybadass, Crooger, Icey Ekxne, Slyme Foxx, Suhn and Denimwoods for "Amaiwee"
Slyme Foxx and Icey Ekxne

Amaihwee is a track by Coach featuring Kikkybadass, Crooger, Icey Ekxne, Slyme Foxx, Suhn and Denimwoods. It is a track that encapsulates the two ends of Zimbabwean hip-hop. The vernacular rappers and those who use the King's language. Jnr Brown's disciples on one end and Tehn's on the other. In style and cadence but not so much the same lyrical content. Amaihwee is high energy and it has a dynamic and intense instrumental. It's right at the mosh pit end of rap music.

Now what is Amaihwee about? I honestly couldn't tell you. It feels like a track simply made for the vibes. Each rapper finds their pocket or gap and they jump in and flow as hard as they can. Subject matter be damned. Amaiwee doesn't draw you to nostalgic thoughts or introspective notions but has massive entertainment value. If I could put it against a similar hit song, then it would be G Eazy's No Limit (remix).

It's nonstop in the flow and stream of lines, with countless moments that make you do a double-take. If it's not Denimwoods going "A couple rappers really claim they hard but they just got a boner", then it's Icey Ekxne with "This is Sasuki mu game mapinda maninja". Although it's far from being Zvidhori (remix), Amaihwee has its fair share of bars that cross the line. Yet as always, political correctness has never been a principle of rap music.

The track was released with visuals directed by Sorogin Sorojena. The video is outdoor-themed, with dark palettes of colour that match the intensity of the music.

Check out the collaboration Amaiwee below:

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