Malcom Mufunde & YaadUniverse give us the album "Ekhaya"

Described by Malcom Mufunde as his pain, Ekhaya is a collaboration with YaadUniverse and the 7th project in the artist's catalogue. From the album title which means home and the message shared by Malcom on the project's release, the 10-track project is set to be an emotionally heavy one.

I hope I never have to go through what I was going through when I wrote this album. Ekhaya, my pain. Out now, everywhere. - Malcom Mufunde 

The album was produced by The Maker and Tyhill Beats, with engineering by Coco Beats. Malcom Mufunde was the principal songwriter with a helping hand for the composition of a few of the tracks.

Synik wrote the hook for Work while floating an idea for a song with me. Zikhali Mbonisi wrote the poem at the end of Warmth. Abedi helped with the structure of Asphalt, and has contributed to at least one song on every project of mine since Kwedu. Thank you, OGs - Malcom Mufunde.

Malcom Mufunde & YaadUniverse give us the album "Ekhaya"

Ekhaya Tracklist:

  1. Welcome
  2. Blood
  3. Limelight 
  4. Asphalt 
  5. Work
  6. Semester Hours
  7. Happy Dance
  8. Day Blind
  9. Warmth 
  10. Alive

Mufunde who recently collaborated with Zazise on the lead single of their upcoming debut album Storytellers of the Culture, is a wordsmith and storyteller par excellence. Formerly under the alias Tha Mind, Mufunde has been around in the music industry for some time now. His mind is a gargantuan thesaurus that has delivered albums described as sonically sharp, lyrically dense, and conceptually invigorating.

Ekhaya is the third joint project Malcom Mufunde has done with YaadUniverse and if the other two are anything to go by, Ekhaya will be another lyrically rich project that ages gracefully. 

You can listen to Ekhaya on SpotifyApple Music and all other streaming platforms.

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