Nicky Genius reimagines Simon Chimbetu's 1995 hit Saina on latest song "Selena" featuring Ti Gonzi

Nicky Genius teams up with Ti Gonzi to breathe new life into the Sungura Sound with their track titled Selena.

In a world where modern Zimbabwean musicians and producers strive to capture the essence of the Sungura Sound that resonated throughout the 80s and 90s, Norman Chipfumbi, professionally known as Nicky Genius, has achieved a remarkable feat with his latest release "Selena," featuring Ti Gonzi.

Nicky Genius - Selena feat Ti Gonzi mp3 download lyrics

The echoes of the Sungura Sound, deeply rooted in the musical legacy of the 80s and 90s, have been difficult to recreate in the digital era. However, Nicky Genius defies this challenge by ingeniously infusing the essence of that era into "Selena." Drawing inspiration from Simon Chimbetu's 1995 hit "Saina" from the iconic album "Pachipamwe," Nicky Genius has not only revived the spirit of that era but also captivated the hearts of many who cherished the sounds of weddings and social gatherings. It's the haunting melody of the lead guitar that particularly distinguishes "Selena," lending the track its distinct and unforgettable aura.

Nicky Genius, a true master of his craft, takes a creative leap by subtly transforming "Saina" to "Selena." This clever wordplay not only pays homage to the source of inspiration but also underscores Nicky Genius's prowess as a producer and a visionary artist. The instrumental arrangement in "Selena" showcases Nicky's remarkable versatility, seamlessly transitioning from his vibrant Dancehall collaborations with Winky D to ingeniously fusing Sungura samples with Ti Gonzi over a compelling Hip Hop beat.

Nicky Genius enlists the collaboration of Ti Gonzi, a fellow artist who shares a strong musical affinity with him. Ti Gonzi's respect and admiration for Nicky Genius is evident through his references on various guest verses including on "Selena" where he incorporates lines such as "Chandakangoita wauya muLife mangu iLoss." Earlier this year, Ti Gonzi also paid tribute to Nicky Genius on "Ndiudze Zvese," with Chillmaster where he raps, "Parudo ndiri Genius saNicky ndiudze shuwa babe ini ndisati ndaita Loss."

At its core, "Selena" delves into the complexities of a toxic relationship born from a chance encounter at a nightclub. While Selena envisions a long-term connection, Nicky Genius and Ti Gonzi find themselves entangled in insecurities and mistrust stemming from their initial circumstances. These underlying tensions render the relationship transactional and ultimately unsustainable over time. Nicky's emotive chorus conveys the turmoil, with the lines, "The way you love me Selena, unondipa mazi pressure. How can you claim me for yourself, isu takasangana kuPurezha." Ti Gonzi further dissects these issues in the second verse, showcasing his exceptional wordplay, rhyming skills, and distinctive delivery, reminiscent of a Shona-speaking Lil Wayne.

Nicky Genius's journey to success has been nothing short of extraordinary. Hailing from Kuwadzana, his production skills gained significant recognition with his contribution to Winky-D's 2020 hit "Chandelier." This caught the attention of the US-based record label Golden Generation, who promptly welcomed him into their fold. This partnership was a testament to Nicky Genius's exceptional talent and the unmistakable mark he's making in the music industry.

"Selena" stands as a musical masterpiece that bridges the past and present, skillfully uniting Sungura Sound's nostalgia with contemporary musical elements. Check it out below and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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