Probeatz Drops Hakata - a 15 Track Album featuring Jah Prayzah and more

Zimbabwean musician Takudzwa Denzel Bardwell Mashonganyika professionally known by his stage name Probeatz, has dropped his fourth studio album titled "Hakata." This ambitious 15-track project is accompanied by noteworthy collaborations from prominent and upcoming Zimbabwean artists such as Jah Prayzah, Young DLC, Tasha Bx, Sean Focus, Mac Bros, T Mac, and Crooger. "Hakata" follows in the footsteps of Probeatz's previous albums "Twenty Five" released in 2020 and "Before I Go Underground" which dropped in 2021.

Probeatz Drops Hakata - a 15 Track Album featuring Jah Prayzah and more

The title of the album "Hakata" derives from the Shona word for "stone-like" tools traditionally used by local Shona spirit healers for diagnosing individuals possessed by spirits. These tools are cast upon the ground, scattering in a manner akin to the dispersion of Probeatz's prosperity, vividly depicted on the album cover. Here, Probeatz portrays a semblance of a traditional healer, his "Hakata" symbolizing material affluence like watches and car keys. The album's moniker draws from the first track, wherein Probeatz expounds upon its significance. His opening lines resonate: "Yapararira pfuma sehakata, vakazoyeuka bako riya vati nyakata." Probeatz employs this platform to address his critics who underestimate him, confidently asserting his wealth accumulation and the consummation of his artistic prowess. Fans, echoing this sentiment, frequently label him as "underrated."

Probeatz delivers his verses in both Shona and English, captivating his audience with his adept wordplay and poetic sensibilities. His lyrical compositions delve into profound themes, exemplified by lines like "Kuverengera igororo renguva" (Procrastination is the thief of time) and "mimba haibve negosoro," (A cough no matter how severe, does not cause a miscarriage) from the lead single "Munengwe" featured on "Hakata." The latter track showcases the collaborative synergy between Probeatz and Zimbabwe's biggest and most influential artist Jah Prayzah, alongside South African-based music producer Young DLC.

Probeatz started off as a dancer but it was his unique ability to mimic beats vocally, known as beatboxing that garnered him recognition on the global stage, culminating in eight gold medals at the 2017 World Championship of Performing Arts in California. This remarkable skill transitioned him into beat production, ultimately leading to a pivotal collaboration with Mclynebeats - the creative genius behind Probeatz's breakout hit "Banga." Through his evolution, Probeatz has etched his mark as an emblematic figure among Zimbabwean youth, particularly within the diaspora, where he frequently embarks on performance tours alongside the likes of Zimbabwe's upcoming Standup Comedian King Kandoro.

Here is the album track list of all the songs from Probeatz's 4th album Hakata

Track Song Name
1. Hakata
2. Hurombo
3. Hairarwe
4. Nzvimbo Mbiri
5. Munengwe (Featuring Jah Prayzah, Young DLC)
6. Pfuma (Legacy)(Featuring Tasha Bx)
7. Pandimire
8. Sarura Wako
9. Kurumidzira (Featuring Sean Focus)
10. Tingori 2 (Featuring Sean Focus)
11. Makororo
12. Palesa (Featuring Mac Bros)
13. Doormat (Featuring T Mac)
14. Guvhudende
15. Kokorigo (Featuring Crooger)

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