Poptain - "Bvira Vira" Collaboration with Bagga, Master H, and Michael Magz Unites Zim-Dancehall and Hip-Hop

Collaboration is the title for music prosperity gospels. It is the ultimate deal with infinite returns. Talk about the propensity to reach untapped markets and the value brought by each artist to the table. We are sure that Poptain's star-studded feature with Master H, Bagga and Michael Magz is exemplary of this hailed discourse.

Poptain - Bvira Vira Featuring Bagga, Master H, and Michael Magz mp3 download

Bvira Vira is not an exactly new street lingo, nor its meaning which can be married to 'kupisa'/on top of the game. The artists in this song are united in pursuit of the strings and bling. They are clear about the expectations from a legion of fans across the Zimbabwean divide and perhaps impressively beyond borders. The latter is tempting and yet miserably misunderstood. We need that international standard. But it is going to demand concerted efforts in creating music attentive to context; culturally unique and with authentic storylines.

Bvira Vira is a top-billing collaboration with established stars in contemporary local showbiz. However, the most impressive aspect is how dancehall and hip hop are finding romantic affection toward a dream of co-existing. Poptain and Master H are able to give room to youngsters Bagga and Michael Magz despite that clearly or at least in this writer's opinion they may have outclassed them. Bagga stood his ground and in this song, he is safely sealed as one of 2023 most valuable players.

Bvira Vira is out on the provided link, kindly share your thoughts in the dialogue box below.

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