Zimbabwe Featured in 'Forbes World’s Most Expensive Wildlife Safari' Package, Starting at US$172,545 per Person

In an extravagant offering that is set to redefine luxury travel, safari enthusiasts can now embark on the world's most expensive wildlife safari, courtesy of Go2Africa - One of the UK's leading authorities on luxury travel and cruises. 

Priced at a staggering $172,545 per person, the "Ultimate African Safari" is a 24-day adventure extravaganza that encompasses six countries Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Seychelles and Zimbabwe with a plethora of exclusive experiences that promise to redefine opulence in the realm of wildlife exploration.

The lavish expedition, designed for a family of four, will set travellers back a jaw-dropping $690,180, ensuring a once-in-a-lifetime journey through Southern and East Africa. Promising unparalleled extravagance, this safari will whisk guests away on private jets, shuttling them to iconic destinations such as Kenya, Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Volcanoes National Park, Serengeti, and the pristine white sands of the Seychelles.

Among the many remarkable highlights, participants can enjoy hot air balloon rides, gorilla trekking, and even the luxury of a personal film crew to document their epic voyage.

Accommodations during this extraordinary journey range from tented safari camps to riverside treetop villas, beachfront retreats, and remote wellness getaways, assuring a series of unforgettable nights. Travellers will also follow in the footsteps of notable celebrities like The Kardashians, Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey, Charlize Theron, and Justin Timberlake as they visit luxury establishments like Cape Town's Ellerman House and the exclusive Singita private game reserve.

What sets this safari apart is its commitment to immersing participants in the local culture and contributing to positive impact projects. Travellers will have the chance to experience life in Africa and visit local initiatives such as the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Alfajiri Foundation, and Maunga Village Primary School while contributing to the conservation of the parks they explore. To further sweeten the deal, Go2Africa pledges to fully offset the carbon footprint of the entire journey.

Lee-Anne Kock, Head of Product at Go2Africa, expressed the company's dedication to crafting this unique experience, stating, "The Ultimate African Safari is a one-of-a-kind itinerary that we’ve spent years perfecting. Every activity, location, and accommodation has been hand-selected by our team of local experts with decades of on-the-ground experience."

She emphasized the itinerary's focus on private and exclusive travel, offering curated experiences that are unique to each destination. "Guests won’t just see Africa but experience the heart of its culture as they visit each location and become involved in the community projects that make the continent so vibrant and welcoming," she added.

This extraordinary journey to explore the untamed beauty of Africa's wilderness begins at $172,545 per person, marking the initiation of a new era in opulent safari experiences.

Source: Forbes

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