Axe Poz and Donne Jovi Go Head-to-Head in the 2nd Bars On Bars Battle Rap Showdown

The Second card of the Bars On Bars rap League came to light on the 24th of February 2024 at Moto Republik as the battle rap community witnessed a clash between Donne Jove and Axe Poz, In The Dodger Dome.

Donne vs Axe on stage
Donne vs Axe on stage
Image Credit: Twitter/BlacPerlZW

The original setup had Masvingo going against Chitungwiza with Axe Poz representing Masvingo and Linc The Prez representing the latter, but due to personal family commitments Linc Tha Prez had to step down and the decorated Donne Jovi was available to take up the task. Post the Donne Jovi vs RayKaz battle, most culture conversations were petitioning for either of the two to battle Axe Poz next so the setup change did not come as a negative blow on the card.

Pre-battle interactions saw the Donne fans claiming that Axe Poz was more advantaged since he had more time to prepare and Axe fans countering that with that Axe Poz initially had material for Linc Tha Prez and had to shift to Donne Jovi 2 weeks before the battle meant they had the same time to prepare. Both emcees managed to deliver a classic battle and were heavy on Schemes, Punches and Wordplay but for Axe his standout attribute was aggression and for Donne, he could freestyle. 

As usual, there was an open mic session and various rappers made it to the stage before the battle the event had performances from Mushona and Nico C.

As was the first edition, the second edition of Bars On Bars was graced with culture icons, this time Take 5, MC Chita, Cde Fatso, Tulk Munny and Blacperl giving the movement the push it surely deserves. 

No announcements have been made as of yet but as per the released calendar weeks ago, it's most likely that there will be another card end of March.

Check out the second edition of Bars On Bars here.

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