Bantu Spaceship/s to perform at the 2024 PALP Festival

Zimbabwe's electronic music group Bantu Spaceship is headed for this year's PALP Festival. Bantu Spaceship will be joining 50+ other rising names in world music at the alpine festival, which runs from April - September this year.

Bantu Spaceship/s to perform at the 2024 PALP Festival
A concert 3,000 metres above sea level at one of the previous PALP Festival editions
Image: Twitter/PALP_festival

...With groups emerging from here and abroad, the names of tomorrow like Aïta Mon Amour, Milla, Nnavy or Bantu Spaceship straight from Zimbabwe to float on a mountain lake, the PALP has not stopped surprising you. Balkan fanfare for the Open Cellars, electronic piano in a vineyard, rock that drives people to Belgian elves and Australian spirit of Wolfmother on the peaks, the festival offers you again poetry on all floors... - PALP Festival via Instagram 

The PALP Festival is an interdisciplinary event which will bring you unique experiences by perfectly combining all the senses. The festival mixes together contemporary music, art and other shows with the discovery of heritage and local goods and traditions. It gives attendants the chance to listen to international bands in unconventional locations, with performances and exhibitions held in Roman amphitheatres, people’s flats, vineyards, ski lifts and at the top of the mountain.

Bantu Spaceship/s to perform at the 2024 PALP Festival
Bantu Spaceship/s

Bantu Spaceship/s is an electronic and hip-hop duo from Zimbabwe, consisting of Ulenni Okandlovu (Vocalist/Songwriter/Artist) from Bulawayo and Joshua Chiundiza (DJ/Producer/Artist) from Harare. The duo presents a hybrid sound, merging electro, hip hop and rap, with mbaqanga, imbube, sungura, jit, chimurenga and other Bantu music styles. Specifically borrowing elements from their Ndebele and Shona heritage, the duo blends two of Zimbabwe's most dominant cultures into one foretelling and uncharted soundscape.

The group is part of this young generation of artists inspired by the creative explosion born in the 1980s in Zimbabwe where artists began to combine local styles with contemporary Western sounds, thus creating alternative and experimental movements, translating this golden age into a hybrid style called “New Jit Wave”. On their first album released by Nyami Nyami Records, the duo pays homage to these past rhythms by injecting them with synth-wave, hip-hop and disco flavours. 

Together, the two members of this visionary crew emanate a sweet scent of Afrofuturism. Supported in concert by the young guitarist The Serpent and the brilliant singer and guitarist Thando Mlambo, the Quartet promises to take us on a journey through time and space with creative energy and artistic abundance which have all contributed to the development of the revival of the country's music!

Last year the group performed in France at Les Rencontres Trans Musicales, an international music festival held in Rennes each December. 

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