Kelly Kelvedhura - The Tamy Moyo and Master H voiced anthem for the Dance Floor

Tamy Moyo and Master H have seemingly struck gold with their recent collaboration, "Kelly Kelvedhura". The dancehall infused track feels like the anthem Zimbabwean dance floors have been for this year. Softly sung vocals meet gruff intonations, on a duet that has par in the genre this year.

Tamy Moyo on the set for Kelly Kelvedhura

Produced by Levels and Master H, the song has the sinous rhythms of reggae and a driving groove that places it firmly in the sphere of dancehall. It is a get up and dance song that has catchy vocals which infect you with the urge to singalong and drive your limbs to motion. Tamy Moyo and Master H are puppeteers twisting you into motion using the strings of rhythm.

Tamy Moyo & Master H on the set for Kelly Kelvedhura

So who is Kelly Kelvedhura? To describe it best, I would say in Kelly Kelvedhura, Silas Mavende has met his match. What Silas Mavende is to drinking, is what Kelly Kelvedhura is to dancing. While the lyrics of the song allude to Kelly Kelvedhura being a dance, colloquially Kelly has already become a fictional character that dominates the dance floor.

The track was released with visuals done by renowned director KMANE and they're crisp with a vibrant palette that captures the essence of the song. From the production, to the visuals, vocals and the lyrics, the only missed opportunity on Kelly Kelvedhura is a defining challenge.

You can checkout the video for "Kelly Kelvedhura" below:

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