Vusa Mkhaya receives the inaugural Willi Resetarits Preis in Vienna

This past weekend Vusa Mkhaya was awarded the inaugural Willi Resetarits Preis in recognition of his artistic originality and social commitment. 

The annual award celebrates musical personalities or bands with a strong commitment to social causes and it includes a prize of €10,000. It was established by the city of Vienna as a tribute to the legendary Wilhelm (Willi) Resetarits, who was an Austrian singer, comedian and human rights activist who passed away in 2022. 

Mkhaya received the honour at a ceremony held on the 20th of April at Flütchlingsball, in Vienna, Austria. 

In his acceptance speech, he expressed gratitude to all those who shared their incredible talents with him over the years. He emphasized the importance of community support, stating that "It takes a village to raise a child". 

Vusa Mkhaya with the Willi Resetarits Preis

Image: Twitter/VusaMkhaya

For the past 3 decades, Vusa Mkhaya has been an integral part of Vienna's arts and culture scene. His socially conscious songs address global issues, making a positive through music. 

The musician, composer and choreographer who hails from Bulawayo began his music career in 1991. Since then he has travelled and performed with different projects in Theatres, and at Festivals and Arenas in more than 250 cities spread over at least 50 countries. In 2018 he sang the theme song for The Oscar Award-nominated short film, Watu Wote.

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