Andrew Manyika is bringing his latest Stand-Up Comedy Special "Mind Your Language" to Reps Theatre

Renowned comedian and poet Andrew Manyika is bringing his latest stand-up comedy special "Mind Your Language" to Reps Theatre. A comedy & poetry show, the special will be on this coming weekend on the 4th of May. Manyika will be supported by Zim Hip Hop artist R Wiz, Afropop singer Bryan K, spoken word artist SoProfound and stand-up comedian Munya.

Andrew Manyika
Andrew Manyika 

We caught up with the NAMA-nominated comedian to talk a bit about his upcoming show:

What's the inspiration behind your latest special?

Andrew: I'm a funny guy who is always observing. Language is the only way to connect your rich inner world and convey it to another person. When it goes bad - it can be pretty hilarious and when it goes well, my goodness, it can be life-changing. So Mind Your Language captures that whole spectrum of feelings.

What can the audience expect?

Andrew: A family-friendly funny show that makes you laugh and think. You'll leave the place feeling good.

Will it have a tour like Cologniser?

Andrew: We are definitely going back on the road. We made so many new fans when we toured the Cologniser and there's been a real hunger for "the next one" and now here comes Mind Your Language.

What are your thoughts on the current state of comedy in Zimbabwe?

Andrew: We're in a moment where the game is being elevated. We're seeing more tours, not just by me, but this year alone there are 4 other acts touring their shows. And that just shows you the comedy audience is growing.

The show kicks off at 6pm on Saturday and tickets are $10 each, with VIP being $20. You can contact Tino at +263 782 826 945. 

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