Is Kyla Blac's some day finally today?

"Some day, heartache, might take all of my energy but as for right now until the morning, imma be delusional, living like there's no tomorrow..." These are lyrics that have been ringing in my head for the past week. I'm not sure if I even have them right, but delusion as an escape of the pain of matters of the heart is something that deeply resonates me. This is further compounded by the beauty of the voice that delivers the message.

Kyla Blac
Image: Twitter/kyla_blac_

When I first listened to Kyla Blac, it was in 2020 after she released her EP titled 'Only a Minute'. It was only 4 tracks and barely 5 minutes of music but in my mind I just instantly knew she had it. I was a novice in chronicling about the arts and entertainment but having always loved music, my ears told Kyla Blac was certainly one for the future. 

Now 4 years later, I think it's safe to say her time has come. While releases from Kyla Blac are as rare as precious stones, the singer is finally having her moment. A story of substance over abundance. Quality of quality. The triumph of a well honed talent.

The singer's latest release, "Some Day", is a 3 minute long serenade of mellisonant vocals and heartfelt emotions. Born out of her own personal experiences, the song is graced by simple yet colourful lyricism and melodies that capture your attention. It's no wonder that the track has had multiple placements on Audiomack and Spotify, along with her being on the cover of Audiomack's Afro RnB playlist.

I poured my heart into 'Some Day' and I hope it inspires others to keep believing in their dreams, no matter the challenges they face... I pray this song helps you get up no matter how many times you fall - Kyla Blac

While Kyla Blac might not yet be big at home, the borderless nature of modern music is making sure her art gets the attention it deserves. In addition to Some Day's various placements, the singer's previous release "DND" made it onto the BBC's UK Afrobeats Chart Show. This is testament not only to Kyla Blac's talent but work ethic. 

It is often that creatives create with the hope that some day they'll have their moment. For Kyla Blac, some day might be today. Sometimes if you make it as best as you can, the art will speak for you.

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