Zimbabwe S.A based AppleSeed to executive produce MicInity New Album

Bongomuffin's Anesu 'AppleSeed' Mupemhi will be the executive producer of reggae crooner, Mike 'MicInity' Madamombe's, upcoming album. Micinity made the announcement on his website and said the album would be classic, and the music phenomenal.
The album, featuring seven songs, is slated to hit stores in March. The set will feature appearances from MicInity and his backing group Hotta Fire. Influenced by the classic reggae artists of his father’s generation, Mike Madamombe emerged from the small town of Marondera in Zimbabwe in 2006 to follow his musical dream. Making his way to the capital, where he quickly gained acclaim as a gifted singer, he performed with various groups before settling down to a 2-year stint with top reggae band Transit Crew.
As lead vocalist and front man with them, he entertained hundreds of reggae-lovers, building a sizeable following. He had the opportunity to perform with the likes of Jamaican reggae stars Luciano and Mikey General, as well as with the late Lucky Dube at the South African Macufe Festival in Bloomfontein.
In August 2008 Mic parted ways with Transit Crew to do his own thing. He formed a backing band, Hotta Fire, playing what is best described as ‘cultural, lovers rock, conscious, dancehall reggae’, and his powerful vocal delivery quickly gained recognition, attracting a strong following. He now plays around the capital to full houses, with a popular regular Wednesday show at one of Harare’s foremost live arts venues, The Mannenberg Jazz Club, where there is usually standing room only.
Earlier on, before his move from Marondera, Mic had already been writing his own music, but 18 early recordings of the formerly little known artist were unfinished, foiled by a lack of time and money. He is now putting the final touches to his album with Jah Seed in SA, with seven songs currently in production and the first CD expected soon.
MicInity’s music generally reflects the society in which he lives, the people, and promotes love and unity. On his forthcoming album, on the song ‘What a Pity’ he talks about what he has seen around him – unnecessary killings and girls prostituting themselves for money.
Another ballad, ‘Reggae Music So Nice’ was the first song he wrote, and the title is self-explanatory. ‘Hold on Strong’ speaks to youth in troubled societies the world over, and is encouragement for young people to ‘hold on, Jah is on our side’.

Mungwadzi Godwin

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