Biggest Girl band buzz in Zimbabwe History!!

A GIRL BAND called Ammunition has taken Zimbabwe by storm and is poised for great things to come as they work on their album and a debut video. Based in Harare, the group of five all attending Arundel Girls High School, started recording last year when they were in Form 3. They are all 15 years old! (All born 1994). The group was discovered by iCandy Management – the management company for Rozana Hall one of Zimbabwe’s finalists in the Face Of Africa competition currently in progress and Simba “Tagz” Tagwirei of Showtime Records.

Ammunition are the fastest growing Zimbabwean artists on the web according to the management company's Myspace figures, averaging 100 plays a day!

Their hit single Spotlight debuted on the Power FM top 20 @ #4.

They are now also with HOT Music Records and MTV Base are doing a video with the girls.

Ammunition is based in the capital Harare. The group members are That Liz Daje, Toxic aka Lady G, Jasi, Baby Ca$h. The group was founded in August 2009.

Album: Spotlight (Not yet completed)

Track Listing:
1. His & Hers (Ft. Tagz)
2. Mama (Ft. Adiona from idols africa)
3. Tri Cycle
4. Spotlight
5. Just Another Girl (Ft. M Breezy)
6. I'm Fly (Ft. Sonja-Louise)


1 Baby Ca$h

Baby Ca$h born in 1994 is a Leo who is loud & crazy! She's one of TI & Lil' Wayne's biggest fans and draws inspiration from them. She is also an Arudenl Girls High School student and enjoys the fast life.

Baby Ca$h interview "I'd like to thank everyone who has helped this (Ammunition) dream come true. To me Ammunition is more than an ordinary crew, its a close group of sisters who all just have a good time making music. I wanna thank all my friends and family, Tagz and Shingi (iCandy) thank you. And lastly to my girls, you guys are the BEST!"

2 That Liz Daje

That Liz Daje aka Lizzie is a Cappricorn who couldn't live without her mom and her iPod. She's a Lil Wayne & Beyonce fan to name a few and credits them for her musical talents. Please don't buy her chicken but opt for some ribs and Fanta! Lizzie is very loud but claims to be funny!

"Mommy i'm sorry you have to raise me alone. i admire your hardwork and ytou are my biggest inspiration, I LOVE YOU! All my amainini's and amaiguru's thank you for your unwavering support of me in everything i do. Clo & Guh you guys munopenga, life without you would suck. to my Ammunition girls WOW well done much love, and of course Tagz our producer and Shingi our favorite manager THANK YOU! Dad even though you're gone i still miss you and love you everyday R.I.P."

3 Jasi

Jasi, the party girl, is a scorpio and enjoys having an awesome time, all the time! Don't be fooled she is a family girl too and adores her close nit friends. She enjoys lots of television and just being J-A-S-I!

"Big shout out to my 3 F's: Family Friends & Fans!"

4 Toxik

In a call-in interview Toxik says her star sign is gorgeous! She is a fan of Bow Wow, Weezy n Kanye coz they are real.

"You heard it right, toxik got that poise on lock! But still ya ever-friendly girl next door wit dat cute smile. I'm crazy and "so much more than the usual." I love being part of of the greatest family in the world, got my sisters Ammunition, producer Tagz, and mister manager Shingi, together we run this town so keep watchin this space. Shout out to my friends & family 4 the love and support, and to all them haterz who'v made us so great!"

5 Baby D

Baby D is a Gemini who loves food and being out with her friends. An Arundel Girls High School student, she's involved in choir and loves sport. She's being writing and singing her own music since she was 11.

"Shout out to all my girls Lindt, Roz KB and co. Thank you to my mother and family for all the support. Tagz, Keezy and Mr Manager we love you for your blind faith in us!"

Mungwadzi Godwin

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