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Co signed by Award winning internationally known producers like Bongani Fassie (Bongz) and admired by high profiled celebrated rappers like Da L.E.S, Tek Neek is no doubt the future. Hip Hop didn't die, I never offered my condolences. And his latest Do It Album is the proof, Hip Hop is alive in Zimbabwe! With over 1000 digital downloads within 5 days of it's release. Zimbabwe's #1 entertainment blog caught up with Kudzai Murapa aka Tek Neek for this Exclusive Interview!

With over 200 downloads in 24hrs of the new Album Do It how do you feel 

I feel pretty Good. Though 200 globally isn't as “effective” as 200 locally. I m pretty impressed by the results i got overnight!

How long did it take to make this Album?

Well, the album itself is a compilation of songs done over a 2 year period. i was working on 3 “untitled” projects simultaneously in 2008. I produced about 70 songs but due to disasters such as “theft”, (lol) i was down to about 30 or so. After that i went on to record another 10 or so to try and recover the ones i lost. Late 2009, i decided that since all this was causing major production delay i decided to release 25 of the tracks on a single album and just continue working on the other 2.

Why did you decide to distribute it through facebook?

I decided to use facebook since its quite the current thriving social network. I know facebook is not entirely music oriented but most of my personal network is currently based on facebook.

What inspired you to make such an Album and what do you really mean by "Do It"

The “Do It” theme is an idea I've been working on since early 2009.
The main idea is to provide a positive influence in hip hop towards everything you do because hip hop is a very competitive culture it seems to influence its people to do a lot of things. To this day most things done in hip hop are shown in a negative light... in terms of lifestyle ....attitude.....etc.

With songs like “Do It Better” I m simply trying to get the youth to make positive steps towards self-betterment. Songs Like the S.W.A.G. tracks are to give people the attitude the hip hop “swag” portrays. Something you can bump for the haters!

A Lot of the album is also me expressing the things i do, tackling the misunderstandings some people have about me as a person. Tracks like “Mental State, Fitted Down Low, I am Not You & So Many Things” are more personal expressions.

“Do It” simply means what it means .. DO IT.
There is gon be a follow up on the concept so for now lets just say “to be continued.....”

What should your fans expect in the near future, are you shooting any videos

Definitely. The Do It Project is gona have at least 4 video’s. I've already done a no budget video for the Mental State Single. But Im waiting to find more resources so i can give the fans a better look at the concept of “Tek Neek”

There are high profiled guest appearances and production including Da Les and Bongz from the crew JOZI , how long have you guys been working together?

Actually not long at all. I first met Bongani back when in 2008 when his studio was located just outside the SABC. nearby where i was staying. i paid him a visit and i was inevitably introduced to Lesley, Ishmael and Otis Cook,some of the usual artist known to hang around Bongani’s studio at that time. This was during the production stages of Lesley’s album “Fresh To Def”. after a few visits i was chosen to do one of the single features on various compilations which turned out Great! Bongani is truly a master of production and watching his skills at work first hand gave me insight as to why they call him the best Hip Hop Producer in South Africa.

What is the future looking like for Blaklizt entertainment? any distribution deals or artists coming out this year?

2010 is truly a Year that marks Blaklizt’s official “commencement of operations”. The Label has been an idea in working for the past 4-5 years and were ready to set the wheels in motion. A lot of Collaborative work is expected within the next few months. We are also making plans to get some of our material on public air in a few African countries such as “South Africa”, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and various others.

What do you think of the state of Zim Hip Hop Right now

From the last time i went home, Zim Hip Hop is looking like its in good shape at the moment. things seem to be happening everywhere as people are beginning to pick up on how its trends are rapidly changing.

Any message to M.C's and Producers out there?

Keep it Realistic.

Which ones are your favorite tracks on there and why

My favorite tracks on Do It are:

1-Tried My Best, because i think i did pretty well on the production there and kastro just brought the entire relevance of the track to being with the first verse.
2-Money Motivated because making the track was a great experience. from making the beat with Charles to recording with cook.....also the punchlines in my verse are just fun to say.
(tryina see em flyin higher than an eagle in the sky wit a nigga like snoop in the cockpit)
( on the reload wit the kemo gotta be tho coz the beats so cancerous)
3 - Who’s Holdin That (Remix) , The lyrix!
4- Rock Steady B-Boy, Da L.E.S. is my favorite south african rapper.

Who are your favorite M.Cs man?

I can never go as far back as some rappers do and talk about Biggie and Pac.... or even more recently Jay-Z so i’m just gona talk about the “new-school” cats.

I used to always have to settle with saying Eminem is my favorite emcee. and have to defend him for his obscenity and often controversial points of view....i still think NO ONE can put it down as well as Marshal.... but as soon as i got wind about that young dude from Chicago known as the one and only “LUPE FIASCO” i think its safe to say we have a winner!
lol Lupe is definitely my top rated emcee/lyricist....... underrated as he may be at times..... if you listen to the guy’s mixtapes you know what he means by “Revenge of the Nerds”. Hip Hop didn’t die... lol its just on a totally different level nowadays.
Im also a big Drake fan. the guy’s got mad depth.

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