The Zim Hip Hop Situation: The Story Of ILL Ceey

Above ILL Ceey and Da Les from the S.A Hip Hop Group Jozi

Ill Ceey is the new face of Zim Hip Hop and got hits that go back like juice and gin. Hailing from the streets of [Braeside] Harare and holding down the fresh, up and coming urban clothing label [729 Apparel] on his back, a lot of local [Zimbabwean] mc’s still have a lot to learn from this hip hop head right here.

Ill Ceey has been on the Zim hip hop scene since 2004 but it wasn’t until the release of his hot single ‘Blue Jeans’ off the mixtape ‘Grindology 1.0’ in 2009 that really put this artist on the road to arguably becoming one of the best to ever hold the mic in Zimbabwe. Through the mixtape ‘Grindology 1.0’ word spread about this artist throughout the country with one of his biggest songs to date ‘Harare’ that really took the local hip hop scene by storm,invading local charts and the party scene!

What makes ill Ceey stand out from the rest is how diverse he is on the mic. From his flow, to his lyrical content, this artist has the ability to take the listener on a picture perfect journey through each of his songs. His lyrical content is far from being limited to the usual hip hop tales, but varies enabling all music lovers from all walks of life, age, colour or gender to be captivated by his fresh, yet honest approach to writing music. In a nutshell, his music is truly a breath of fresh air and exactly what needs to be represented on the international scene as being proudly Zimbabwean.

Watching this artist perform is just as captivating as his music is. Not many artists have the charisma, confidence, allure and charm on stage as ill Ceey does. Without being over the top, he allows his energy to be channeled through his persona with a type of swagger that is unmatched by many out there. Ill Ceey, simply put, on stage is the definition of cool and many can attest to this.

Ill Ceey has also set out to being a positive role model through his music and by his actions, opting to be involved in helping young Zimbabweans [Africans] realize their potential. With the idea of not looking at what you can’t do but rather what you can in order to help out the disadvantaged in African societies, ill Ceey’s desire is to spearhead a culture of Africans helping Africans. With all that said, it’s evident that this artist has his priorities in order. If there was ever an African artist to show your support and hold up, this is the one. As he stands out from the rest this artist is different, but different with purpose...

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Mungwadzi Godwin

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